XPress Receives a 3+ Review

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XPress Lid in Review

Bill at Pure Coffee gave the XPress Lid a go…

Company: Smartcup
Product: Xpress
Rating: 3+ (translates to “good”)

Quite often I think of how to make travel with coffee easier. At one time, I remember packing a small suitcase of coffee paraphernalia for long trips, using many devices not designed for life on the road. But over the years, I’ve consolidated down my travel kit to a plastic conical pourover, filters and a portable grinder. And even though I’m not really in want, I’m always on my the lookout for a better kit.

Recently, I caught notice of the Xpress by Smartcup, a single-use french press that utilizes a normal disposable lid with a tulip-like filter that sits poised, ready to be pushed down by the accompanying, golf tee-like plunger. Following the easy directions (I did not add cream or sugar) that were very similar in method to a normal french press

Comments from the review…

theo said…

I had no idea that this product existed. I’ve been on the road many times and had to settle for very poor coffee as there were no quality cafes to be found. I will definitely be giving this product a try. Thanks, Theo

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