XPress Lid French Press Featured @ LaGuardia Airport

XPress French Press @ LaGuardia airport

XPress French Press @ LaGuardia airport

Where: LaGuardia Airport
What: SmartCup’s XPress French press in a lid

LaGuardia Airport is not known for their amenities but they do have something that is hard to come by… A premium cup of French press coffee delivered by the SmartCup’s XPress lid. And bleary eyed travelers are delighted to find a cup.

Sasha of Boba Panda wrote about catching a flight to Chicago… While waiting for my flight to O’Hare , I began searching for some coffee in the American airlines terminal of LaGuardia airport. This terminal has terrible options by the way. I came across this little place called Healthy Gourmet. Their coffee selection was nothing special, but I was intrigued by their french press cups.

In previous posts talked about her love of the french press method of coffee preparation. It is so simple, the coffee is freshly brewed, and you can control the strength.

    …I had never seen the french press in this form before. To have an individually brewed portable cup of french press coffee is a genius idea. You never have to wonder how long ago your cup of coffee was actually made. This cup really should be more widely available.

She also went on to explain the process… The barista at Healthy Gourmet puts coffee grounds in the bottom of your cup then adds hot water and milk/sugar as desired. The french press filter is in the lid. You wait only a minute or two and then you press down the filter. There is also a filter attached to the opening on the lid that you drink out of. This prevents any loose coffee grounds from getting out.

In another post on Instagram we heard this…

    …It’s 5 am and apparently no one told me they have french press coffee to go at LaGuardia airport. Or maybe I’m hallucinating it is 5 am, did I say that already? (Taken with Instagram at LGA – American Airlines Terminal)

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