XPress Lid Covers It All: Now Available for 12oz Cups

SmartCup Photographs
SmartCup, Inc. is now shipping XPress lid for 12 oz. hot cups, the industry’s first disposable and recyclable single-serve French Press built into a lid. The lids fit standard 12 oz., 16 oz., and 20 oz. disposable hot cups.

The XPress lid, a three piece French press system, delivers a far richer flavor and superior tasting coffee and tea than conventionally brewed beverages. The French press delivers more of the oils and flavor of the bean in each cup.

With the XPress lid, there is no additional capital expense involved in offering a premium beverage. It is simple to use and easy to train employees. The XPress lid provides a fresh, high-quality, single cup of coffee brewed faster than other single serve methods.

Cafés are achieving premium pricing over brewed coffees and are earning espresso-like profits. Many operators also are tapping into a new revenue stream by offering premium tea through this innovative single-use system.

An XPress program provides proprietors the tools they need to efficiently and in a cost effective manner offer their entire coffee and tea inventory to their customers. XPress lid is designed to integrate into standard operations without specialized and costly equipment. Once implemented, it saves money and waste by eliminating stale urns or pots of coffee at midday, as well as delivering a premium decaf.

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