XPress Lid by SmartCup Supplies Retail Package for Home & Office

Retail Pack

New Packaging

SmartCup, Inc. has introduced a visual display retail pack to assist operators in selling the XPress lid (a disposable/recyclable French press) to the home and office market.

The pack provides space for 6 cups, 6 XPress lids, and a 12 oz package of coffee, all viewable through cutouts.

A number of options are available depending on the needs of the customer. Graphics may be supplied by the operator or a stock graphic is available. One configuration includes the pack with just the XPress Lids. This allows customization with selected coffees, cups and assembly at the operator’s location.

Another configuration provides coffee, lids, and cups for a complete retail package.

The SmartCup XPress lid, a three piece portable and recyclable French press system, delivers a far richer flavor and superior tasting coffee and tea than standard brewing processes. A French press provides a superior flavor profile, smoothness and finish. The XPress lid delivers the preferred qualities of the coffee drinking experience to everyday coffee lovers at an affordable price.

XPress lid is designed to integrate into standard operations without specialized and costly equipment. Once implemented, it saves money and waste by eliminating stale urns or pots of coffee at midday as well as delivering a premium decaf.

The portable French press is composed of a lid, a plunger and mesh. The lids snap together and are stackable. After the beverage is consumed, the assembly can be placed in the recycle bin.

Retail Pack
New XPress lid Retail Packaging for Home & Office

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