Which City Is the No. 1 Coffee-loving Town?

Where Are The Biggest Drinkers?

In the Northwest, they love their coffee. That’s why its no surprise that Seattle has been ranked as one of the top cities for buying coffee, especially big name coffee like Starbucks.

New information released by Mint.com on coffee-buying trends reveals that on average Seattleites spent $36 a month at their favorite coffee shops, topping out the list of caffeine-addicted cities. San Jose, Calif. and Portland trailed just behind at $34 and $33.

It’s a change from last year, according to their data, when coffee buying was down about 6 percent. You can blame the recession and the more recent drops in coffee prices, the report says.

But also among the statistics is another trend: while people are back to their java addictions, across the nation they’re doing it at smaller, independent coffee shops, not Starbucks and other big name shops like Peet’s.

It’s a big difference from here in Seattle where they spend so much on big name coffee brands that no one even comes close. On average, a person in Seattle spends $674 a year. That’s double the amount of the rest of the cities in the top ten list.

Probably a no-duh with Starbucks headquarters in the Emerald City.

Here’s the list of top ten cities that spent the most on big name “designer” coffee in 2009:

  • Seattle – $674
  • Las Vegas – $391
  • Portland – $388
  • San Antonio – $377
  • San Jose – $366
  • Tucson – $362
  • San Francisco – $358
  • Denver – $354
  • Phoenix – $352
  • Dallas – $314

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