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Gnomedex Members Are Caring XPress Lids on Their Back

SmartCup is showcasing our XPress Lid technology to caffeine-starved technologists at the Gnomedex conference. We will be updating from the conference.

Gnomedex is a single-track technology conference hosted by Chris Pirillo, the owner of Lockergnome, LLC and is produced by Chris Pirillo and his staff at Lockergnome. Pirillo was the co-host of the show Call For Help on the former cable television channel TechTV. Gnomedex started as an outgrowth of Pirillo’s technology newsletters, IRC channel and web site.

The conference name is a satirical portmanteau of Pirillo’s Lockergnome and the now-defunct Comdex technology trade show, which was a massive and influential annual event at the time of the first Gnomedex conference.

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