VIDEO: Chris Pirillo – A Portable, Recyclable French Press

By Chris Pirillo

Everybody has their own morning routine. Mine happens to include making a good cup of coffee. Mind you, there are several ways of crafting what tastes best – since “best” is typically relative. If you drink coffee, I’m wondering how you choose to make it (if you make it at all).

I need caffeine to get me going… in more ways than one. It provides quite a boost of energy, ya know? Okay, so I could down a 2 liter bottle of some random soda, but that’s full of junk. At least coffee and water are natural ingredients, yo!

The Xpress SmartCup Lid is faster and easier than using a normal French Press. It also cleans up in a snap. XPress is comprised of a disposable/recyclable lid, rod and press that will fit most standard 16 & 20oz. hot cups.

About Chris Pirillo

Geek, Internet Entrepreneur, Hardware Addict, Software Junkie, Book Author, Once TV Show Host, Technology Enthusiast, Shameless Self-Promoter, Tech Conference Coordinator, Early Adopter, Idea Evangelist, Tech Support Blogger, Bootstrapper, Media Personality, Technology Consultant, Thicker Quicker Picker Upper.

Chris Pirillo has been participating in Internet conversations since 1992, having launched Lockergnome as a content publishing network and building Gnomedex to be one of the blogosphere’s highly regarded conferences. In 1998, he authored the authoritative book on e-mail publishing – further establishing himself as a thought leader. WHO AM 1040, a popular Midwest talk radio station, invited him to start hosting a weekly “tech show” broadcast in early 2000. His presence was ultimately noticed by both talent and executive producers at the television station, TechTV. He moved from the middle of Iowa to San Francisco in 2001, and began hosting “Call for Help” for them – driving a live, interactive program that focused on solving common technology frustrations.

He publishes a personal blog and lifecast to tens of thousands of viewers, and is a top subscribed partner on YouTube. When searching Google for “Chris,” his site is listed as the first result. He was formerly a monthly columnist for CPU Magazine, and has authored books on business and personal technology. Chris also produces weekly video segments for Live, where he offers tech advice to a savvy audience.

He records (on average) 1,000 videos per year, and had once cracked the “Top 100? most subscribed throughout the whole of YouTube. His live stats are even more impressive: over 5 million unique live video viewers watched Chris do his “thing” in 2007 – a total of 2+ million LIVE viewer hours with an average viewing time of 25 minutes per visitor. In the month of August 2008, stats from the live video feed were recorded at 279,878 Viewer Hours, 1,141,472 Viewers, 827,159 Unique Viewers, 395.5 Average Viewers, 707 Hours of live broadcasting.

In the first seven days of launching his Web community for geeks, the logs recorded 587,402 pageviews, at 11 pages per visit, 40% bounce rate, ~10m sessions, and 50% return visitors with 3,000+ registrations. It’s in his blood to build experiences with communities.

Chris Pirillo is a personality in whom tech enthusiasts trust to answer questions and lead discussions. From his self-inspired cartoon logo to his real face on national TV, Chris’s ongoing efforts have provided timely, accurate, and reliable information to the mass market. With more people getting connected to the Internet, and an ever-increasing proliferation of decentralized media and self-controlled news sources (e.g., blogs), Chris strives to remain relevant.

With a greater understanding of production and entertainment values, as well as a strong feel for (and connection with) his media audience, Chris left the network shortly before it was absorbed by G4. Throughout his time at TechTV, his independent businesses continued to flourish. Leading sponsors like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, AMD, GoDaddy, GoToMeeting, PayPal, and others have continually recognized the value of being placed in front of influencers from across the globe.

Chris has consistently expressed his convictions outright, supplying practical information to targeted audiences: IT professionals, Web developers, small business owners, technology consumers, et al. He remains a passionate personality in the tech community-at-large, having become the #1 “chris” on Google and often being asked to sit on various advisory boards.

His approachability, undeniable spirit, and candor have drawn hundreds of thousands of persons to follow him and his recommendations. Without feeling that someone is on their side, customer frustrations will eventually lead to permanent disillusionment.

Chris understands that valid communication is fostered through interpersonal connections. After all, people always trust people more than they trust companies. As such, he is ready to leverage his skills, connections, and widespread recognition to help give sponsors a friendlier face. He is never short of ideas, and is transparent about sponsored relationships.

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