Trend to larger cups

New Starbucks cups hold more liquid than human stomach

New Starbucks cups hold more liquid than human stomach

The trenta will fill you up. (Courtesy of Starbucks)

Andrew Mollenbeck,

WASHINGTON – If a 24-ounce iced coffee or tea just isn’t enough of a pick-me-up, Starbucks will soon offer customers a size larger than the average volume of a human stomach.

The “trenta” size, which is 31 ounces, will launch at area locations Tuesday.

Starbucks will only offer iced coffee and teas in the jumbo size, avoiding calorie-count shockers that would have saddled its Frappuccinos.

According to its own release, the trenta — 7 ounces larger than the venti — will have about:

  • 90 calories in unsweetened drinks
  • 230 calories in those will full flavor

The trenta size debuted earlier this year in selected markets in the South and Southwest. On July 12, the coffee chain will offer it in the Northeast.

Starbucks says consumer demand led to the cup size augmentation. By its books, 60 percent of iced tea customers order the 24-ounce venti.

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