Tom Sawyer Country Coffee Rolls Out XPress Lid

Tom Sawyer

Founder Tom Sawyer of Tom Sawyer Country Coffee knows that coffee is more than just a beverage, it’s an experience and he’s rolling out the XPress lid by SmartCup to enhance his customer’s coffee experience.

SmartCup’s XPress lid is the disposable, recyclable and single serve French Press in a lid system that presses coffee in most standard 16 or 20oz hot cups.

Tom Sawyer takes coffee drinking very seriously and has been roasting quality coffee for over forty nine years. The company is utilizing the XPress lid to introduce their beans at food fairs, off-site business meetings, drive through shops, casinos, back packers and sampling at their facilities.

“The XPress lid allows me to make more money per cup and deliver a more flavorful cup of coffee,” said Tom Sawyer. “We feel that this product is a benefit to coffee drinkers everywhere and we are looking for new avenues to introduce it and our blends of Tom Sawyer Country Coffee.”

Coffee has the power to inspire, bring people together, create warmth, energize, motivate and start each day afresh.

SmartCup’s XPress lid integrates seamlessly into the operations at Tom Sawyer Country Coffee by attaching to their standard hot cup and requiring no modifications. This allows the firm to proffer pressed coffee within their operations without additional capital investments and without an added sku of cups.

About Tom Sawyer Country Coffee
The main focus of Tom Sawyer Country Coffee, a Spokane, WA firm, is to provide the highest grade Arabicas “specialty grade coffees” to restaurants, espresso stands, offices, non-profits, churches, and almost any business enterprise. Over the years Tom Sawyer has roasted more than 40 million pounds of coffee, visited farms around the world and consulted with other businesses to help them increase their profits – through coffee.

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