The 411 on Caribou Coffee

About Caribou Coffee

Photo: Caribou Coffee

In 1990 the idea for Caribou Coffee began to form in a few climbers after reaching the summit of a mountain in the Alaskan Wilderness. The adventure led to Caribou Coffee’s phrase “Life is short. Stay awake for it”. The idea was simple; bring the ‘adventures of life’ feeling into a daily morning cup. The selections of beverages available at Caribou Coffee reflect that attempt to capture wilderness adventures.

Social Responsibility
The first reason Caribou Coffee is great is because the company cares about the countries of origin for the beans. Caribou Coffee redefines the term “drinking responsibly”.  It is not because they have added alcohol to their coffee, it is because just about every cup of coffee they sell is helping the community from where the beans originated. Caribou Coffee gives back to these communities by allocating funds for every pound of coffee they purchase.

These funds help the coffee producing communities to:

  • Finance schools
  • Invest in reforestation efforts
  • Support water-cleaning programs
  • Build clinics

You can find out more here

Remembering a roaster
Reason number two is because they help cancer cure research. Amy’s Blend is a brand dedicated to the memory of Amy Erickson who was a roaster that died of breast cancer. Ten percent of profits made from Amy’s blend go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. These funds go towards researching cancer and possible cures.

Happy Monday
The third reason is taste. As great as all the goodwill and good deeds are, if the coffee didn’t taste good the efforts to do good would be in vain. Caribou Coffee delivers the taste as well. Try them on a Monday where you can get a medium coffee for just $1.00. Currently they have a special on a Spicy Milk Chocolate Mocha. This rich, thick and with a kick drink is only $2.00 on Monday’s right now. This is a double thumbs up drink!

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