Team XPress Lid @ SCAA

The Barista Team Introducing XPress Lid @ SCAA
Specialty coffee…from seed, to roaster, to barista, to cup-it is the crop that bonds us together as a community.

XPress Lid by Smart Cup provides the ultimate delivery system to enthusiasts of great coffee. The portable single-use French press provides premium coffee in a to-go hot cup.

Bruce Roberts Explains Pressed Coffee Bruce Roberts Introduces XPress Lid

As the world’s second most traded commodity, coffee is integral to the livelihood of everyone in the chain of production that contributed to the full bodied, ambrosial brew you savor each morning.

Founder Jeff Baccetti Tests a Press
Founder Jeff Baccetti Tests a Press by Smart Cup

At the booth at SCAA
Testing XPress at the SCAA Expo

XPress - Fresh, Pressed and Custom XPress – Fresh, Pressed and Custom

XPress Lid Packages XPress Lid Packages by Smart Cup

Coffee Fun Fact
The word barista is of Italian origin, and in Italian, a barista is a male or female “bartender”, who typically works behind a counter, serving both hot drinks (such as espresso), and cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, not a coffee-maker specifically.

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