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XPress Lid for Tea Latte

Expand your market

With XPress lid you can now provide your customers with an unlimited variety of tea and tea latte choices. To get you started we have pulled together a tea latte sample pack.

Customers take charge of their experience

  • Xpress tea tastes better than tea bag tea
  • Customers can select their favorite blend anytime
  • Patrons control their tea intensity
  • Easily create your signature tea lattes

Create your own signature lattes

The XPress lid system allows you create new and innovative beverages without adding new equipment. It permits you to focus on your own signature lattes with flavor profiles that are appropriate to your marketplace.

Our innovative French press XPress lid system adds to your customers drinking experience. To start a tea program call 530-889-1754 or complete the form below.

Make a great on-the-go tea quickly & easily

Offer your hand-crafted lattes and create a buzz in your area. With the XPress lid you are able to enhance your stores reputation for quality tea latte.

Tea Latte Recipes

We developed these tea lattes and successfully tested them at Coffeefest. They have an outstanding flavor profile and are designed to work with the XPress lid.

pdf-logo Tea Recipes – Cocoa Mint
pdf-logo Tea Recipes – Toffee Energy Blast
pdf-logo Tea Recipes – Hibiscus Citrus Twist
pdf-logo Tea Recipes – Mexican Mocha

    Try our tea latte kit with our complements by completing the form below. We will send you 6 cups, 6 lids and tea latte samples.

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