Add Coffee, Pour Hot Water, Press & Enjoy – Get the Details

French press systems deliver a superior flavor profile, smoothness and finish for both coffee and tea.

The XPress lid operation requires coffee, water, brewing time and then press and go…

The following is a baseline for enthusiasts when they are deciding upon the amount of coffee. XPress allows for individuals to custom craft their beverage experience based on material and brew time.

XPress Coffee Requirement per Cup Size

  • 12 oz Coffee – 11 grams or 1 rounded tablespoon (not heaping) medium ground coffee, fill with hot water to 1/2” from rim of cup, stir, wait 3 minutes, then press.
  • 16 oz Coffee – 22 grams or 2 rounded tablespoons (not heaping) medium ground coffee, fill with hot water to 1/2” from rim of cup, stir, wait 3 minutes, then press.
  • 20 oz Coffee – 33 gramps or 2 heaping tablespoons medium ground coffee, fill with hot water to 1/2” from rim of cup, stir, wait 3 minutes, then press.

With the XPress lid, operators can now bring high quality coffee to everyone inexpensively and quickly in a transportable, recyclable and disposable unit while increasing their sales and profits.

Meet Us @ SCAA

2011 Coffee Fest Chicago:  XPess Lid by SmartCup, Inc.

Come By Booth 452

While attending SCAA make sure you stop in at Booth 452 to visit the SmartCup team. We will be serving coffee and tea from our portable, disposable and recyclable French press in a lid, XPress.

For 2011, SmartCup is supporting a full range of cup sizes including:

    • 12 oz. hot cups
    • 16 oz. hot cups
    • 20 oz. hot cups

Specialty coffee…from seed, to roaster, to barista, to cup-it is the crop that bonds us together as a community. Coffee is integral to the livelihood of everyone in the chain of production that contributed to the full bodied, ambrosial brew you savor each morning.

Through XPress, SmartCup has developed a product that enhances the flavor and aroma of a cup of coffee or tea. Take a few minutes at SCAA and stop in at booth 452 to see how our XPress lid can reduce costs, improved quality and provide your operations with a true marketing advantage over your competitors.

Equal Chef Love Talks XPress Lid

Equal Chef Love discovered the XPress lid by Smart Cup during one of her catering jobs. She likes the ability to serve just what is needed and to reduce waste.

XPress – Good For Business

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grahamwich, Graham Elliot’s Sandwich Shop

We get a chance to talk with the Executive Chef at grahamwich, Graham Elliot’s Sandwich Shop in Chicago, Il about their usage of the XPress lid by SmartCup.

Fresh Cup Meets XPress Lid

Fresh Cup Magazine Meets Our Portable French Press

Associate Editor, Dan Leif, and Greg Ingram of Fresh Cup Magazine like what they see with the XPress lid.

Both Dan and Greg were impressed with the function and design of the XPress lid product. They acknowledged that consumers would find this a superior delivery system for premium coffee.
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XPress Lid by SmartCup is on Facebook

XPress Lid, the industry’s first disposable French Press lid system, has made its debut on Facebook. Sign up or friend us on Facebook to connect with SmartCup team. We have videos posted, product pictures and product details posted.

About SmartCup
SmartCup, Inc. manufactures and sells the award-winning XPress lid to specialty coffee retailers, independent shops, and distributors. The company is also developing packaging for grocery and other retail stores for home and office use.

Our mission is to bring a high quality, super convenient, customizable, and fully portable brewing experience to eclectic consumers.

VIDEO: The Rollout of XPress Lid @ Coffee Fest Seattle

Larry Wu, SmartCup Co-Founder, and Jeff Baccetti, Co-Founder/Inventor step up at Coffee Fest Seattle and introduce the industry’s latest invention… the XPress lid from SmartCup.
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