VIDEO: Interview with SCAA Attendees

What does a coffee farmer from Costa Rica think of XPress Lid? Kenneth J. Lander from Santa Elena/Monteverde, Costa Rica talks about the XPress lid.

Arizona Coffee is Excited About XPress

AZ Coffee Tries XPRESS

AZ Coffee & XPress Lid

XPress on Arrival

Sometimes when you see a product the first thing that comes out of your mouth is… Cool. That happened to Chris Tingom of Arizona Coffee when he looked at the XPress lid from SmartCup.

SmartCup will report on Chris’ review next month.

The XPress arrived the other day and I used it for the first time today. Very cool product. I’ll be doing a write up in May.


Note: Chris is a lover and enjoys to coffee shops and enjoying a nice coffee. His site documents the best places to get coffee in Phoenix and all around the state of Arizona. Chris is keeping the caffeine lights bright.