VIDEO: Kent Rhodes Provides SmartCup Update for 2012

Kent Rhodes, CEO of SmartCup, provides the latest update about SmartCup’s XPress lid French press system during the 2012 SCAA event.. This is the world’s first French press in a lid that is disposable and recyclable.

SCAA’s 24th Annual Expo Perculates in Portland, Oregon this April 19-22, 2012

The Specialty Coffee Association of America’s (SCAA) 24th Annual Exposition & Symposium will be held SCAA's 24th Annual Expo Perculates in Portland, Oregon this April 19-22, 2012. At the annual Exposition thousands of coffee professionals from more than 40 countries will converge at the Oregon Convention Center to focus on specialty coffee, learn about the latest innovational trends and products in the coffee marketplace, and engage with fellow industry professionals for the ultimate purpose of delivering a better experience for coffee drinkers.

At the SCAA’s 24th annual Symposium, held immediately prior to the Exposition April 18-19, 2012, executives and coffee professionals from around the world will convene to discuss and collectively address major issues around quality and sustainability. For more information on The Event, visit

Last year’s Event welcomed more than 8,000 coffee professionals and a show floor featuring more than 700 Exhibitor booths representing all things specialty coffee and tea, including: green and roasted specialty coffee, espresso machines and grinders, roasting equipment, brewing machines, coffee drinks and mixes, flavorings and syrups, chocolate and cocoa products, baked goods, and much more. SCAA also proudly partners with Boyds Coffee, the Official Host Sponsor for the 2012 Event. Boyds has been headquartered in Portland for over 110 years, and is a founding member of the SCAA.

“We’re thrilled that the SCAA has chosen Portland as the host city and Boyds Coffee as the host sponsor,” said Katy Boyd Dutt, Director of Marketing. “Portland is well known as one of the best coffee cities – not just in America, but in the world. We’re looking forward to SCAA members getting to see what’s behind all the hype.”

Other activities at The Event include several annual competitions: the United States Barista Championship (USBC), US Brewers Cup, US Cup Tasters Championship, the Roasters Guild Coffees of the Year Competition (COTY) and Roasters Choice Competition. Top-tier baristas, roasters, coffee cuppers, and producers from around the world will compete for the coveted titles. Additional events include the Rainforest Alliance and International Women in Coffee breakfasts as well as award receptions recognizing industry excellence such as the Best New Product & Sustainability Awards, among others.

SCAA Attendees Swamp SmartCup

2011 SCAA

Buy 1 & Receive 25 Free Tea Lattes

The first 2 days at the SCAA expo has been outstanding and the booth has been swamped by cafe owners.

Is it because of the Tea Latte promotion or the innovation of the XPress lid and business opportunity? It seems to be both. The XPress lid opens new revenue opportunities for serving coffee and the tea latte opens a new market segment.

Attendees are experiencing the innovation of the XPress lid and have seen how the world’s first portable, recyclable and disposable French press in a lid can be utilized.

About the Tea Lattes

SmartCup is providing 3 styles of tea lattes. It includes a green tea, black tea and spicy chai tea latte. These are samples of mixes that we put together so that operators can test in their operations.

2011 SCAA - Checking Out XPress Lid at SmartCup Booth
SmartCup Stayed Busy During the SCAA Expo

2011 SCAA - Checking Out XPress Lid at SmartCup Booth
Steve Priley Talks Coffee Selection

2011 SCAA - Checking Out XPress Lid at SmartCup Booth
Kent Rhodes Explains XPress Lid Usage

2011 SCAA - Checking Out XPress Lid at SmartCup Booth
SmartCup Barista Working With SCAA Attendees

Meet The “New” Tea Latte @ SCAA

The New Taste with XPress

SmartCup, Inc. is serving up hot and tasty Tea Lattes during SCAA @ booth 452. The firm is showcasing the extraordinary taste that is derived from using the XPress lid, the world’s first disposable, portable and recyclable French press in a lid.

It’s All in the Ingredients

SmartCup is demonstrating how operators can offer patrons handcrafted tea lattes of their choice utilizing premium whole leaf tea. The XPress lid presses the tea with a mesh press that allows more of the tea to be in direct contact while brewing versus other methods. Using a press enhances and maintains the tea flavor throughout consumption. XPress lid combined with quality ingredients delivers a premium flavor in each cup.

SmartCup’s supplier list for the custom tea latte sample program includes:

  • Sweetbird’s dry mix
  • Loose leaf tea from Two Leaves and a Bud Tea Company
  • Packaging from Terra Distributing

Stop at Booth 452

Stop at the SmartCup booth and find out how the XPress lid can increase your customer’s convenience, your profit margin and marketing presence. You can select from 3 types of lattes:

  • Green Tea Latte
  • Black Tea Latte
  • Chai Tea Latte
  • Meet Us @ SCAA

    2011 Coffee Fest Chicago:  XPess Lid by SmartCup, Inc.

    Come By Booth 452

    While attending SCAA make sure you stop in at Booth 452 to visit the SmartCup team. We will be serving coffee and tea from our portable, disposable and recyclable French press in a lid, XPress.

    For 2011, SmartCup is supporting a full range of cup sizes including:

      • 12 oz. hot cups
      • 16 oz. hot cups
      • 20 oz. hot cups

    Specialty coffee…from seed, to roaster, to barista, to cup-it is the crop that bonds us together as a community. Coffee is integral to the livelihood of everyone in the chain of production that contributed to the full bodied, ambrosial brew you savor each morning.

    Through XPress, SmartCup has developed a product that enhances the flavor and aroma of a cup of coffee or tea. Take a few minutes at SCAA and stop in at booth 452 to see how our XPress lid can reduce costs, improved quality and provide your operations with a true marketing advantage over your competitors.

    Premier of “After the Harvest” Film @ SCAA

    Coffee’s “Thin Months” Highlighted in Film to Premier at SCAA in Houston April 28-29

    Apr. 19, 2011 (Business Wire) — The next new thing to discover about coffee might not be in the coffee cup at all. Every year, around the world, small-scale coffee farmers and their families face “the thin months” – months of seasonal hunger following the coffee harvest. In Central America, this period, known as “Los Meses Flacos,” starts just about now and can last for three to eight months.

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    SCAA Photogragh Gallery

    XPress Lid by Smart Cup Presented @ 2010 SCAA The SmartCup team introduced the XPress lid at the 2010 SCAA Expo in Anaheim, CA. The crew showcased the single-use French press system. XPress is comprised of a disposable/recyclable lid, rod and press that will fit most standard 16 & 20oz. hot cups.

    Click here to see the latest photos from the 2010 SCAA Expo located on our Flickr Gallery.

    SCAA Celebrates Guatemala's Coffee

    SCAACoffee professionals crowded rhe aisles at the opening of SCAA’s 22nd Annual Exposition.

    More than 450 exhibitors occupied 750 booths situated within the friendly confines of the Anaheim Convention Center.

    Guatemala was the SCAA’s portrait country this year. The country boasts 90,000 coffee growers and a thriving coffee infrastructure.

    Guatemala earned $575.8 million from coffee exports last year through December 17. (Original source (in Spanish): El Periódico)

    Team XPress Lid @ SCAA

    The Barista Team Introducing XPress Lid @ SCAA
    Specialty coffee…from seed, to roaster, to barista, to cup-it is the crop that bonds us together as a community.

    XPress Lid by Smart Cup provides the ultimate delivery system to enthusiasts of great coffee. The portable single-use French press provides premium coffee in a to-go hot cup.
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