SCAA Promotion: Extend Your Premium Coffee Sales

The XPress lid by SmartCup is ideal for providing your customers premium French press coffee on the go. Our retail box allows you to configure 12 cups and 12 lids or 6 cups and 6 lids with a pound of coffee.

We are offering our SCAA promotion: 1 case of retail boxes for the purchases of 1 case of lids starting now through May 30th.

We are walking the floor at SCAA. Connect with Tim James at 503.409.0587 or email him at to set a time to chat at SCAA. ^ 1 case per company. Click here to order.

Why French Press

A French Press delivers a premium cup of coffee by using a system that places coffee grounds in direct contact with hot water and that offers a larger surface area for extraction.

Coffee is then pressed with mesh, not filtered with paper.

Coffee brewed with a French Press captures more of the coffee’s subtle flavors and essential oils. For these reasons, enthusiasts feel a French pressed coffee is the best way to experience the flavor and aroma of quality coffees.