Reviewing a Vintage Coffee Machine

by Andres.

by Andrés Castro, in Colombia

For many years, I thought that beautiful Espresso machines, sophisticated programmable drip ones or other fancy artifacts to extract coffee were better if bigger. Last week, traveling around the Colombian coffee region I stopped by a traditional bakery and asked about their old and big coffee machine. In the past, this exceptional looking coffee maker caught my attention, but I did find downsides about its operation and outcomes that I would like to share.

I would like to by reviewing some typical ways to prepare coffee. The following brewing methods are used today around the world:

  • Steeping (brewing method of coffee grounds mixed with hot water sometimes for an arbitrary length of time, includes the French press, siphon method, coffee bags
  • Boiling preparation (Includes the Middle East traditional style); filter, which is commonly used in our Western countries
  • Pressure machines

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