LEVEN’S Coffee Company explains killer coffee

Marie showcases XPress Pressed CoffeeLEVEN’S Coffee Company explains how to have a killer coffee all the time:

LEVEN’S Coffee Company loves French press coffee. Leven’s coffee “blooms” as the water is poured over the grounds, releasing an intense aroma that makes you smile. The beans are left to steep for 4 minutes. Steeping is the only way that the true flavour of coffee can be experienced. Essential oils are fully extracted creating a rich, full expression of flavour. In this case, sacrificing 4 minutes for coffee that will make you grin from ear to ear is worth it. LEVEN’S Coffee Company makes French Press in a disposable, recyclable cup by SmartCUp. Yes, that’s right…

Killer coffee recipe

      1. Measure beans – 1 Tbsp per cup of water (8 oz)
      2. Heat water – just below boiling point.
      3. Coarse grind beans with a burr grinder.
      4. Pour water over grounds slowly & evenly in a circular motion.
      5. Stir.
      6. Allow coffee to steep to taste.
      7. Put lid on top. Wait.
      8. Slowly press the plunger all the way down at exactly 4 minutes.
      9. Pour into your favourite mug or drink from the XPress lid portable coffee.
      10. Enjoy!