Operators Are Getting Press with XPress

Bob Grissinger, owner of Bennett’s Fresh Roast, now offers a French press cup of coffee to go. KAREN FELDMAN/ FLORIDA WEEKLY

Operators are getting press about their decision to serve XPress by Smart Cup. The single-serve, portable and disposable French press serves a premium cup of coffee. The following is the article from Ft. Myers Florida Weekly…

Just when you think Bennett’s Fresh Roast is as good as it can get, owner Bob Grissinger (aka former morning DJ C. David Bennett) finds something new to excite and amaze coffee lovers.
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Rollin Karoll of Spectro Oils talks French Press

Rollin Karoll of Spectro Oils talks French Press

The 15th Anniversary Giveaway Chopper Team Checks In

The Giveaway Chopper Team is checking in on their take of the XPress lid, a portable and disposable French press in a lid.

Smartcup has sponsored the build of a custom choppa that you can win from our partners at Bikernet.com and Cycle Source Magazine. If you don’t win the chopper, you can win many fabulous prizes.

“What a great idea! True French press coffee that you make on the run. The press system worked great, and the coffee was delicious. No more coffee shop stops on my morning drive! Why didn’t
someone think of this sooner? ”

– Rollin Karoll, Vice President of Sales

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