A NEW AGE OF TASTING: Cupping with a Smart Phone

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App co-creator talks about bringing cupping to the smart phone
By Chris Ryan

At this year’s Roasters Guild Retreat, John Cunningham didn’t just show up with his suitcase and a readiness to roast. He also had a nifty piece of technology he helped create: a cupping app for the iPhone, which made its debut at the August event. Cunningham, who is the roastmaster and green coffee buyer for Tulsa, Okla.-based Topeca Coffee, created the app with his friend Dave Daniels.

It’s a fast-moving, shareable application that moves the standard SCAA cupping form into the electronic realm, giving roasters and other coffee evaluators a place to log their data. It’s one of several coffee-related apps that have hit the market lately, including Filter, a New York Times-run application that collects NYT-approved coffee spots in New York City. Cunningham talked to Fresh Cup about the app’s development, usability and impact.

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