SmartCup’s XPress Lid Selected by Bru Organic Inc. for Their Cacao Introduction

SmartCup’s XPress Lid Selected by Bru Organic Inc.

SmartCup’s XPress Lid Selected by Bru Organic Inc.

SmartCup’s XPress lid, the industry’s first single use, disposable and recyclable French Press in a lid, has been selected by Bru Organic Inc. to introduce their new cacao superfood BRU, a healthy hot beverage that has the consistency of coffee with essence of dark chocolate.

This is a new category of hot beverage that is being marketed and promoted exclusively with SmartCup’s XPress lid. By utilizing XPress, Bru Organic’s customers experience increased flavor, freshness and aroma in their cacao beverages.

“SmartCup’s XPress lid French Press is an ideal way to introduce BRU to our customers because the French Press allows all of the flavor and aroma to come through,” explained Don Giantonio, Vice President of BRU Organic.

BRU is 100% Organic, Fair Trade cacao that is perfectly roasted, ground and ready to brew into a delicious, healthy beverage. Cacao is the fruit of the cacao tree, which all chocolate is derived from.

Recent studies have shown that cacao contains some of the highest concentrations of antioxidants and minerals of any food on the planet. The health benefits of cacao range from lowering blood pressure and cholesterol to building strong bones, supporting healthy pancreas function and detoxifying the liver.

“We are excited to be partnering with Bru Organic and pleased that they selected XPress lid to assist them in introducing BRU to the North American marketplace,” said Kent Rhodes, CEO of SmartCup, Inc. “The Bru Organic team is delivering an incredibly healthy and satisfying product.”

About Bru Organic Inc.Bru Organic Inc. is a manufacturing and Beverage Design Company dedicated to producing branded quality cacao related products. Bru branded products, are a much healthier choice to the growing amount of over- – processed and nutritionally deficient alternatives. Bru is committed to providing products that inspire health and well-being.