Specialty Coffee Association Update

April 27 – May 1, 2011

Specialty Coffee Association of America Brings World’s Largest Specialty Coffee Event to Houston, Texas, April 27 – May 1, 2011 — The  Specialty Coffee Association of America’s (SCAA) 23rd Annual Exposition & Symposium will be held in Houston, Texas this April 28 – May 1, 2010.

At the annual Exposition  thousands of coffee professionals from more than 40 countries will converge at the George R. Brown Convention Center to focus on specialty coffee, learn about  the latest  innovational trends and products in the coffee marketplace, and engage with fellow industry professionals for the ultimate purpose of delivering a better experience for coffee drinkers.

At the SCAA’s 3rd annual Symposium, held immediately prior to the Exposition April 27 – 28, 2011, executives and coffee professionals from around the world will convene to discuss and collectively address major  issues around quality and sustainability.

For more information on The Event, visit www.scaaevent.org.  Last year’s Event welcomed more than 8,000 coffee professionals and a show floor featuring  more than  700 Exhibitor booths representing all things specialty coffee and tea, including: green and roasted specialty coffee, espresso machines and grinders, roasting equipment, brewing machines, coffee drinks and mixes, flavorings and syrups, chocolate and cocoa products, baked goods, and much more.

Attendees  wishing to expand their skill set and learn from credentialed SCAA Lead Instructors can register for Skill Building Workshops (SBW) which are integral to the SCAA Professional Development Program.  These hands on courses  focus on coffee preparation, taught according to SCAA standards and protocols  grading and evaluation, coffee business, roasting, coffee science and technology.

Other activities at The Event  include several annual competitions: the United States Barista Championship (USBC), US Brewers Cup (new in 2011), US Cup Tasters Championship, the Roasters Guild Coffees of the Year Competition (COTY) and Roasters Choice Competition. Top-tier baristas, roasters, coffee cuppers, and producers from around the world will compete for the coveted titles.

Additional events include the Rainforest Alliance and International Women in Coffee breakfasts, Coffee Kids and Grounds for Health receptions, as well as awards ceremonies recognizing industry excellence such as the Best New Product & Sustainability Awards, among others. Host cities for future SCAA Event venues include Portland, Oregon (2012), Boston, Massachusetts (2013) and Seattle, Washington (2014-15).   Complete  Exposition details areavailable at www.scaaevent.org. Questions? Call 562-624-4100 or e-mail info@scaa.org.

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