The XPress Lid Assists Cafés You Supply

Our innovative XPress lid French press system allows roasters the ability to increase premium bean sales and improve sales of your entire inventory.

Sell Higher Quality With Better Margins

  • Allows upgrading of bean quality in cups converted to XPress
  • Café customers who try higher quality beans via XPress will buy premium price coffee to take home

The program begins with a call to (212)470-9310 or simply complete the form below.

Introduce Their Customers to Higher Quality Coffee

  • XPress delivers a fresh flavor and superior taste
  • XPress allows café customers to easily try premium blends
  • The customer appeal of XPress has been confirmed through research in operator cafés

It’s Easy to Make & Integrate Into Store Operations

XPress Allows Roasters/Distributors to Sell a Complete System to Café Operators

  • XPress lids
  • 16oz and 20oz Cups
  • Premium coffee

The XPress Lid Program

Getting Started

The program begins with a call to (212) 470-9310 or simply complete the form below and we will send you a complementary case of XPress lids for your cafe.

Increase Coffee Sales
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