New Yorkers #1 Coffee Consumers

From Washington Post

New Yorkers drink seven times as much coffee as the rest of us

New Yorkers drink 7x more coffee

New Yorkers really love their coffee: They drink 6.7 times as much as do people who live in other major cities. Philadelphians, however, look to be especially partial to pretzels, eating about five times as many as those who live elsewhere, according to the number crunchers at health-care start-up Massive Health.

The data comes from Massive Health’s iPhone app, Eatery, which had users snap 7.68 million pictures of everything they ate over the course of five months. The crowd-sourced data looks to be a reliable snapshot of how people eat: Their data on food consumption for each American city, for example, predict its obesity level. Individual users’ habits lined up with scientific research. They saw that those who eat breakfast tend to eat smaller portion sizes throughout the day, just as many previous studies have found.

In Massive Health’s global rankings, New York came in as the healthiest eaters in the United States. (Who Knew?)

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