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We know how to pair our wines, even teas — but how about pairing the foods we love with our favourite coffee? The idea for matching your meals with coffee instead of wine is rarely considered, yet it can be exciting and can definitely challenge your tastebuds. When you think about it, coffee is like fine wine in many ways — every coffee expresses its own terroir, reflecting the place where it is grown. Consider the bright citrus notes in Kenyan beans, the sweeter flavour of Costa Rican coffee, the earthy, woodsy notes of coffee from Indonesia. And, like wine, coffees have different acidity, intensity and body.

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Velvety & Fruity

These well-balanced coffees showcase a supple body with the perfect harmony between sweetness and tartness. With flavours of berries and citrus, and floral notes in the aroma, these coffees suggest a lively composition in every cup and a warm brightness on the palate of those who enjoy a fine roast.

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