Interview: Tanya Hira of B. Koffie

Bob Coffee interviews B. Koffie

Success with XPress

Interview: Tanya Hira
Company: B. Koffie

Bob Koffee talks with Tanya Hira about how the company utilizes the XPress lid at her Hell’s Kitchen coffee shop. BKoffie freshly grinds beans only from Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia, and a house blend, and brews them to order.

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About B. Koffie
A new sensation hit the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York City this week – The first African coffee shop of its kind, probably anywhere in the world. The proprietors of the very first South African Winebar to hit the United States, also opened the very first South African Restaurant in the city, both businesses being very well received during a hard-hitting recession. They have done it again with B. Koffie, making sure that all their coffee beans are sauced directly from the coffee producing African countries, featuring such heavy sensations as Yirgacheffe from the worlds oldest coffee nation – Ethiopia.

Hira is of Indian origin, born in Seattle, WA and is a desinger by trade. She plans to make B. Koffie part of the new coffee craze, making ancient beans like Yirgacheffe popular with coffeecionados.

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