Interview: Herbert Jennings of Old River Coffee

Bob Coffee interviews at SCAA

Success with XPress

Interview: Herbert Jennings

Bob Koffee talks with Herbert Jennings about how the company utilizes the XPress lid at Farmers Market.

Listen to Bob Koffee on the SmartCup Podcast.

About Old River Coffee
Old River Coffee Roaster Co. is dedicated to roasting only premium certified Organic and Fair Trade coffee. This also includes Rainforest Alliance and other sustainable coffees if they have organic certification.

Old River Coffee is sold whole bean only. This is because whole beans keep their flavor longer, if stored properly. The coffee is packaged in 1/2 pound and 1 pound Stand Up Zip Pouches, with a one way valve and heat sealed. The Stand Up Zip Pouches are ideal for storage after the pouch has been opened. This is because the pouch is opaque and doesn’t allow light to reach the beans and the pouch can be closed to help keep out moisture and air.

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