Increase Tea Sales

XPress Lid for Tea

Tea is a beverage with wide acceptance and an unlimited variety of offerings. With ever increasing numbers of studies showing the benefits of tea and the desire for the “next” beverage sales of tea is on the increase.

In a number of areas of the country, tea houses are gaining appeal and the capability of generating sales of products with high levels of revenue and profit. The XPress Lid allows you to tap into this market without any new equipment.

Offer what’s new and create a buzz in your area. With the XPress lid you can enhance your stores reputation for quality tea.

Increase profits and sales

  • Achieve price premium on varietal teas
  • Use XPress to sample varieties & blends, to increase loose tea sales
  • Less inventory if discontinuing tea bag option

The XPress Lid Program

    To start a tea program call 30-889-1754 or complete the form below.

Customers are In Charge of Their Experience

  • Offer a tea that tastes better than with tea bags
  • Customers can be assured of getting their favorite blend anytime
  • Patrons can easily be provided new and different varieties
  • Customers choose the intensity of their tea

Customer Research Confirms the Appeal of XPress

  • Delivers superior flavor
  • Fun and engaging to use
  • Provides easy customization
  • Justifies premium pricing

There is nothing additional to buy. The SmartCup lid is self contained.


Make a Great On-The-Go Tea Quickly & Easily

Getting Started

The program begins with a call to 530-889-1754 or simply complete the form below.