The Business Program


An XPress customized cup program can take many forms – from offering a single coffee selection that rotates weekly to offering multiple coffee varieties each day. With XPress you can ‘upsell’ your customers from your standard coffee, and allow them to try, and buy, other coffee varieties sold in your store.

Increase profits and sales

  • Achieve price premium on brewed coffees
  • Earn espresso-like profits
  • Use XPress to sample varieties and blends… and convert to whole bean sales

By implementing an XPress customized cup program you will gain operational efficiencies including:

  • Reduced waste
  • Elimination of stale urns or pots of coffee at midday
  • Offer a better decaf at midday and recapture lost sales
  • Improved management of your bean inventory through a sampling program

With the XPress lid you can now allow your customers sample varieties and blends at anytime during the day. This assists you in converting consumers to whole bean purchases. By implementing a XPress lid program your organization will see more profitable sales and increased efficiency.


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