Better Coffee – Improved Revenue

Improve Your Revenues

The XPress lid is an easy way to deliver a superior tasting and personalized coffee or tea beverage to your customers.

XPress allows your customers to easily try coffee blends and teas. It allows operators to offer pressed coffee at a premium price. Take a minute to see how it can increase revenue and your bottom line.

      Convert 10% of XPress cups to the sale of an incremental pound of coffee.

      = $2,730 extra profit annually

      * Assumes pricing: $1.85 brewed cup, $2.75 XPress cup, $14.95 pound coffee with 50% margin

Research results show that pressed coffee is the best because is delivers superior flavor. Now your customers are in control of the taste, strength and selection. Call today to see how you can increase revenue and satisfy your customers with a better cup of coffee and tea.

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