Hellbilly Brew Available from Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie French Roast Organic Whole Bean CoffeeThe illustrious man of horror — both in film and rock — is known for many things, but now Rob Zombie wants to add coffee to his repertoire. As such, he’s selling his own Hellbilly line of beans.

“What can I say? I f—ing love coffee,” Zombie told Noisecreep. “I started drinking this magic drink when I was a little kid and never stopped. So that’s the reason I now have my own Hellbilly brew; 24/7, cranked on black gold! Hell yeah, let’s go!” With green coffee beans now at a value higher than ever before, we can all call our morning cups liquid gold.

Right now, Hellbilly’s whole roasted beans can be ordered through Zombie’s websitewith two different styles available: a French blend and a Peruvian. Both are certified 100 percent organic.

The French roast promises on first sip to have a “surprising characteristic that you’ll notice when you purchase whole beans — a hint of speckle.” Blended from various roasts, the Hellbilly French Roast goes for a more complex taste than just hitting the second temperature crack that makes French roasts the darkest of coffees to begin your day with.

The Peruvian beans hold to the medium-bodied style and fruit finish that are synonymous with the coffee cultivated in the areas reaching from the tips of the Andes to the moist and breezy forests of the Amazon Basin.

Scheduled to be shipping now, Hellbilly coffee would make a great belated holiday gift for your closest coffee fiend.

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