Have Coffee will Surf

SmartCup XPress Lid

Brew Premium Coffee with SmartCup XPress Lid

Let’s Go Surfing Now with XPress Lid by SmartCup

Being in this industry, we see a lot of people enjoying their favorite coffee on-the-go. This is the first time we’ve seen our French press system used on the beach. But, we think it is a great idea.

Living the California lifestyle takes a lot of energy and enthusiasm. And what better way to keep the motor running than to take a perfect cup of coffee with you to the beach. The XPress lid is a French press in a lid. It fits all the popular hot cups and the “only” thing you need is hot water.

Britt sent us these pictures of herself before she heads out to find the big wave. She says that she likes to take her single origin coffee with her because she likes the taste and enjoys the convenience. We think she also likes to have a hot cup of Joe because the taste and the heat will keep her warm before she hits the SOCAL surf.

The XPress lid is for enthusiasts that want to take a good tasting coffee with them wherever they go. It’s a portable French press that extracts the most flavor out of the coffee bean. It’s easy to use… if you know how to put a lid on a cup of coffee then you really know how to use this. So if you are a surfer girl and want an outstanding cup of coffee, then you need to try the XPress lid by SmartCup. And if you are a coffee shop that caters to surfer girls, then you really need to try the XPress lid.

Okay… Does this happen to you?

Everytime I see the picture of the XPress Surfer, I start singing the Beach Boys song. I just can’t get it out of my head. How about you?

Lets go surfin now
Everybodys learning how
Come on and safari with me
(come on and safari with…)

Early in the morning well be startin out
Some honeys will be coming along
Were loading up our woody
With our boards inside
And headin out singing our song

Come on (surfin) baby wait and see (surfin safari)
Yes Im gonna (surfin) take you surfin (surfin safari)with me
Come along (surfin) baby wait and see (surfin safari)
Yes Im gonna (surfin) take you surfin (surfin safari)with me

Lets go surfin now…

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