Experience Espresso-like Profits with XPress Pressed Coffee

XPress allows your customers to easily try any roast they want, when they want. It allows operators to offer pressed coffee at a premium price.

Turn Your Store into a Destination

With XPress lid you can enhance your stores reputation for serving quality coffee.

The To-Go Coffee and Tea Press System that can Create a Customer Buzz for Your Café

  • XPress delivers fresh coffee flavor and superior taste
  • XPress provides a superior flavor tea
  • The customer appeal of XPress has been confirmed through research in operator cafés

Grow Your Top and Bottom Line

  • Offer customized premium coffee or…without costly equipment
  • WEEKLY SELECTION – offer a selected coffee or tea variety that changes WEEKLY
  • DAILY SELECTION – offer a selected coffee or tea variety that changes DAILY
  • CUSTOM – allow customers to choose the variety they want ANYTIME


Convert 10 brewed coffee cups to XPress cups each day

    = 40% Increase Profit per Cup

Convert 10% of XPress cups to the sale of an incremental pound of coffee.

    = $2,730 extra profit annually

Assumed pricing: $1.85 brewed cup @ $9.95 pound coffee with 25% margin versus $2.75 XPress cup @ $14.95 pound coffee with 50% margin, increase in lid price over standard with a small increase in labor cost

There is nothing additional to buy. The XPress lid by SmartCup is self contained and easy to use. The XPress lid has three components a lid, screen and plunger. The lids are stackable, disposable and recyclable.

Making a Premium Cup of Coffee is Easy

Why a French Press

French press systems deliver a superior flavor profile, smoothness and finish for both coffee and tea. The XPress lid technology delivers the preferred qualities of the coffee drinking experience to everyday coffee lovers at an affordable price (compared to restaurant French press). Many coffee drinkers have never tried a French press. Even some who work in the coffee industry are not that familiar with the enhanced benefits of using a French press. With the XPress lid, operators can now bring high quality coffee to everyone inexpensively and quickly in a transportable and recyclable/disposable unit while increasing their sales and profits.

A French Press delivers a premium cup of coffee by using a system that places coffee grounds in direct contact with hot water and that offers a larger surface area for extraction. They are then pressed with mesh, not filtered with paper. Coffee brewed with a French Press captures more of the coffee’s subtle flavors and essential oils. For these reasons, enthusiasts feel a French pressed coffee is the best way to experience the flavor and aroma of quality coffees

Operationally, you start by combining freshly ground coffee with hot water in the cup, condiments can be added then or later. The XPress lid is then snapped on the cup. After allowing the coffee to extract for several minutes, the barista or customer depresses a rod which moves the press down into the cup. When the press clicks into place, the coffee grounds are trapped at the bottom of the cup. Condiments can still be added at this point, by removing the lid, adding them, and then replacing the lid . It’s now time to drink and go . The proof is in the satisfaction your customer will get from a “perfect” cup of coffee.

Getting Started

The program begins with a call to (212)470-9310 or simply complete the form below.

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