Coffee Business Leaders Offer Insight for the Next Decade

Interviews with Coffee Business Leaders
By Melissa J. Pugash

As the global coffee industry enters a new decade, we encounter new challenges as well as opportunities for unprecedented growth. To help guide us through these uncharted waters, we’ve asked top-level representatives from the green sector, roasting companies and trade associations to share their perspective on where the industry is going and offer their insight into how stakeholders from “seed to cup” can achieve their maximum potential.

Question 1. Where do you see the greatest growth potential in the next 10 years?

Patrick Criteser, president and CEO, Coffee Bean International (CBI) of Portland, Oregon: “We do not anticipate significant growth in total coffee consumption, however we do see a continuation of current trends toward better coffee – specifically, more consumers are looking for specialty coffee in more places. This trend is supported by both a growing consumer awareness of coffee quality and by the entrance into the category of younger demographics, which correlate with an interest in coffee quality.”

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