Larry Wu Presents @ Gnomedex

Larry Wu’s Trend Presentation

Larry Wu, Co-Founder of SmartCup, Inc., presents at Gnomedex 10 and discusses trends, micro trends, and macro trends. Click here ( to hear Larry’s presentation, which is presented by USTREAM.

ABOUT Larry Wu:
Co-Founder. Larry is a food industry executive with over 25 years experience in the successful development and commercialization of food and beverage innovations. His background includes 6 years as R&D director at Starbucks Coffee Company from 2000-2006. His knowledge of the food industry and its key players is unparalleled.

Kent Rhodes, CEO, Talks International Opportunities

Kent Rhodes talks about the international side of the SmartCup business.

About French Press
French press systems deliver a superior flavor profile, smoothness and finish for both coffee and tea. The XPress lid technology delivers the preferred qualities of the coffee & tea drinking experience to everyday coffee & tea lovers at an affordable price.

With the XPress lid, operators can now bring high quality coffee to everyone inexpensively and quickly in a transportable and recyclable/disposable unit while increasing their sales and profits.

VIDEO: We Have a Double Shot of Freedom Right Here…

What comes to Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas… You can take home a custom $50,0000 Chopper built by Kustoms Inc. and Chop Docs. You can also watch the custom XPress Lid chopper being built on or on the pages of Cycle Source Magazine. Get all the details right here…

VIDEO: Kent Rhodes Provides SmartCup Update for 2012

Kent Rhodes, CEO of SmartCup, provides the latest update about SmartCup’s XPress lid French press system during the 2012 SCAA event.. This is the world’s first French press in a lid that is disposable and recyclable.

VIDEO: Helping Roasters Improve Their Business

Improving Coffee Roasters’ Business

How can roasters in the specialty coffee business open up their entire bean inventory and expose enthusiasts to better tasting and higher quality coffees? In a word, XPress, it provides a tool that will allow roasters to upsell and increase their market share within their independent cafe accounts. Kent Rhodes, SmartCup CEO, talks about using the XPress lid.

Kent Rhodes Addresses the Specialty Coffee Retail Business

VIDEO: Taste Test Chai Tea Latte

SmartCup has created a number of recipes to showcase how the XPress lid can be used in tea, coffee and tea lattes. We interviewed a few SCAA attendees to see how they liked the taste.

XPress allows for individuals to custom craft their beverage experience based on material and brew time. Here is our tea latte recipe… Chai Latte 16 oz – Pour 18 grams loose leaf tea and 56 grams Zuma Vanilla Latte powder into cup, add hot water to 1” from rim of cup, stir to mix, add a splash of cold, whole milk, add XPress lid, wait 3 minutes, then press.

VIDEO: XPress Lid Opens Up New Market Segments

Kent Rhodes, CEO of SmartCup, talks about how the XPress lid can improve bottom line results and open up 3 distinct markets.

With the XPress lid, companies are now able to serve patrons with pressed coffee and tea as well as tea lattes.

VIDEO: Kent Rhodes, CEO, Discusses Handcrafted Tea Lattes

SmartCup is demonstrating how operators can offer patrons handcrafted tea lattes of their choice utilizing premium whole leaf tea. The XPress lid presses the tea with a mesh press that allows more of the tea to be in direct contact while brewing, versus other methods.

Using a press enhances and maintains the latte’s tea flavor throughout consumption. XPress lid, combined with quality ingredients, delivers a premium flavor in each cup.

Felica talks about XPress Lid by SmartCup

Felica tries the XPress lid and talks about how it would work in her cafe.

We interview attendees from the SCAA show in Houston about what they think of XPress lid and a portable French press.

VIDEO: Interview with SCAA Attendees

What does a coffee farmer from Costa Rica think of XPress Lid? Kenneth J. Lander from Santa Elena/Monteverde, Costa Rica talks about the XPress lid.