Lattes, Beers and Wine, Oh My!

Starbucks to start selling beer & wine in Portland’s Pearl

by Joe Smith, KGW business reporter
See Video Posted on June 9, 2011 at 5:04 PM

PORTLAND — Starbucks is going in a new direction at one location in Portland. The Seattle-based coffee giant will start selling beer and wine at it’s newest location in the Pearl District.

“We do know that 75-percent of our customers do come in before 2 p.m., so for us, this is a great way to expand into the afternoon and evening day part,” said Andrea Streedain, Regional Director for Starbucks.

Starbucks already has three stores that sell alcohol in Seattle. But KGW has learned in an exclusive report that the new location at The at 1039 NW Couch Street will be a first for Portland.

The design of the store (shown above) is to blend with the neighborhood and to fit into Portland’s coffee culture.

“It will very much capture the industrial feel of the Pearl District and that warehouse feel,” said Streedain.

Some of the fixtures were picked from local salvage yards and the main counter was even made out of a fallen tree from a farm in Oregon City.  Also, in an homage to Portland’s biking community, an entire wall was made from tire inner tubes.

Local-ism is the theme and that extends to many of the wine and beer selections that will be offered. Rouge, Widmer and Deschutes will be served.

“It can help introduce people who are in a mainstream larger company, who maybe don’t experience the smaller brands. It can bring those smaller brands like ours to them, ” said Assistant Brew master Ryan Schmiege for Deschutes Brewery.

Starbucks will look for answers in Portland before rolling out this concept to other locations here and across the country. But, the company promised that one thing will always remain constant – “Coffee will always be at the forefront,” Streedain said.

The new Starbucks store will open on June 13th at 5 a.m. Beer and wine service will start at 2 p.m. each day until closing at 11 p.m.

Starbucks also plans to open two other traditional locations in Portland later this year – at 14th and Morrison Avenue and 1st and Main Street.

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We are posting receipts for tea and coffee lattes as well as strategies on how to use the XPress lid to improve revenue and margins.

Our latest recipes include:

  • Mexican Mocha
  • Citrus Twist Tea
  • Lemon Latte
  • Chocolate Coffee Latte
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Our recipes will be posted next week.

Coffee Fest, Friday through Sunday, San Diego Convention Center

Coffee Fest 411

Coffee Fest 411

Coffee Fest 411

Coffee Fest San Diego is scheduled from 3rd to 5th June 2011. The event is a big meeting point for the exhibitors and visitors interested in coffee and coffee products. Some of the honored exhibitors include pacific bag, ambex coffee roasters, design & layout, coffee talk and fresh cup magazine.

The trade show, which got its start as a consumer coffee festival in Seattle in 1992, is held three times a year and attracts coffee shop owners, restaurateurs and hotel food and beverage managers and services the specialty coffee and gourmet tea industries. It is viewed as the best show in America and around the worlds specifically for coffee and retailing coffee. In an attractive promotional atmosphere, the attendees do business, exchange information, get inspiration and build new contacts.

There are classes and seminars, including hands-on barista training and a session on building a coffee shop on a budget, but the real show-stopper promises to be the latte art championship on Friday and Saturday that will be open to the public.

Even Starbucks sends their folks, although “they come incognito,” said show manager David Heilbrunn. “They don’t’ want 150 exhibitors hassling them.” The event should draw about 5,500 attendees, he said.

“Everything you’d find on either side of the counter in an upscale coffee shop, including the counter, is found at Coffee Fest.”

If it look s like coffee, smells like coffee, goes well with coffee or is coffee you will find it at Coffee Fest. Everything under the sun that would be found in an upscale coffee shop on either side of the counter including the counter would be found on the exhibition floor at Coffee Fest. The best coffee retail education, training and workshops are found at Coffee Fest.

Meet Us in San Diego @ Coffee Fest

Coffee Fest Booth 546

Join Us @ Booth 546

SmartCup is serving up Tea Lattes during Coffee Fest in San Diego at booth 546 to showcase the extraordinary taste that is derived from using the XPress lid, the world’s first disposable, portable and recyclable French press in a lid.

SmartCup is demonstrating how operators can offer patrons handcrafted tea lattes of their choice utilizing premium whole leaf tea. The XPress lid presses the tea with a mesh press that allows more of the tea to be in direct contact while brewing, versus other methods. Using a press enhances and maintains the latte’s tea flavor throughout consumption. XPress lid, combined with quality ingredients, delivers a premium flavor in each cup.

Sweetbird, Two Leaves and a Bud Tea Company & Terra Distributing

SmartCup’s supplier list for our custom tea latte sample program includes Sweetbird offering with a dry mix and , Two Leaves and a Bud Tea Company offering with loose leaf tea, with and Terra Distributing providing the packaging.

“Coffee Fest serves as an arbitrator of emerging trends, and we feel this is an ideal forum to show operators a new class of hot beverage utilizing our XPress French press,” said Kent Rhodes, CEO of SmartCup, Inc.

About SmartCup
SmartCup, Inc., manufactures and sells the award-winning XPress lid, the industry’s first disposable French Press lid system, to specialty coffee retailers, independent shops, roasters and distributors. Our mission is to bring choice, freshness, customization and a fully portable coffee experience to consumers. SmartCup is located on the web at For more information, connect at or dial us at 530-889-1754.

Coffee Fest Latte Art Championships

Coffee Fest Latte Art Championships

Coffee Fest Latte Art Championships

Welcome to the “Coffee Fest Latte Art Championships at Coffee Fest” sponsored by Nuova Simonelli, Dillanos, Ghirardelli, Barista Magazine and Barista Exchange. We are proud to present the newest and most exciting barista competition to be produced at any coffee event anywhere!

Coffee Fest is pleased to announce the creation and debut of this fresh, exciting and leading edge 64 competitor tournament for the ages. The 64 Competitor format will feature head to head competition as “a match” between the competitors. The competitor receiving the highest score from the three judges will advance and the loser will be eliminated. Competitors will be given three minutes to produce one drink for the judges to be scored against the competitor at the facing machine on the tournament stage.

Judging will be based on five categories:
1) Aesthetic Beauty
2) Definition
3) Color Infusion
4) Degree of Difficulty and Creativity
5) Speed

Each Drink will be judged by Coffee Fest veteran judges: Matt Milletto of American Barista & Coffee School and Barista Exchange, Sarah Allen of Barista Magazine and Chris Deferio of Defurios Coffee Consulting, using a ten point must scoring system. Each of the judges will compare the drink presented by each of the two competitors in each match and award 10 points to the competitor with the best presentation in each of the five categories. Judges will award nine points in each category for the drink they consider to be the lesser of the two. The competitor receiving the most points on each of the judge’s scorecard will be the winner in that judges opinion. The competitor advancing will advance by virtue of the judge’s scores of 3 to 0 or 2 to 1.

Bracket for San Diego is here!

The Coffee Fest Latte Art Championships will begin at 9:00am on Friday and 10:00am on Saturday at the San Diego Coffee Fest, June 3-5, 2011. Interested competitors are encouraged to complete the application and submit to Coffee Fest with pictures of their best pours before the selection committee convenes to set the field April 29, 2011 for the June show.

The ultimate champion will earn a grand sum of $2,500. Second place pockets $1,000 and third place earns $500.
Sponsors: Nuova Simonelli provide the Aurelia espresso machines and MDX Grinders. Dillanos provides the coffee and competitors may use their own tampers, steaming pitchers and cups. Ghirardelli Chocolate Company joins the list of proud sponsors.

Top Twitter Publishers

2011 Top Coffee Publishers on Twitter

Good Content @ 140 Characters

Need a quick fix on caffeinated news. There are many knowledgeable sources providing news that you can uae. Listed below are 20 coffee people you should be following on twitter. There are many amazing people on Twitter and a few coffee bloggers located there as well… good quick reading!


  • @ShotOfCoffee
  • @dearcoffeeiluvu
  • @DailyDemitasse

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Meet Us @ Coffee Fest In Chicago

Chicago Coffee Fest 2011

Meet us in Chicago on February 18 – 20, 2011 at the Navy Pier located at 600 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611 – 800-595-PIER.

Our booth is number 1000.

About Coffee Fest
Coffee Fest has been celebrating coffee long before coffee was “hot”. In 1992, they gathered coffee professionals together in Seattle for their first consumer coffee festival. After several years of hosting thriving events, Coffee Fest turned its focus toward the specialty coffee, gourmet tea and alternative beverage industry and brought retailers, distributors and manufacturers together for its first retail trade show in 1998.

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From Birth to Death & Back Again: The Starbuck Cup Story

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Building Better Coffee Cups

Dateline – Boston: Coffee shops compete at a high level. That explains why there are so manyStarbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts in the Hub.

Can they ever come together, ever, for a good cause? Yes. And it also might be good for business.

Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts joined with Tim Hortons in April to try to create a sustainable container. [Read more…]

Fresh Cup Meets XPress Lid

Fresh Cup Magazine Meets Our Portable French Press

Associate Editor, Dan Leif, and Greg Ingram of Fresh Cup Magazine like what they see with the XPress lid.

Both Dan and Greg were impressed with the function and design of the XPress lid product. They acknowledged that consumers would find this a superior delivery system for premium coffee.
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